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Burt's Bees documentary about Burt Shavitz

I guess there is a new documentary coming out about...
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All Natural Show Mead. Is it possible?

I have been reading around when I read this on...
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What yeast for a mild honey?

Hello everyone. Let me introduce myself. I am a...
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Contaminated batch?

Hello all, I'm Brent. I've been lurking...
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Post your homemade ice cream recipes

Making the family favorite homemade ice cream for Easter. ...
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Reviewing Mead - Standards for Posting Reviews on GotMead.Com

Setting the GotMead.Com format for mead reviews.   The best thing you can do when you encounter good or bad mead ANYWHERE is to point it out to whoever is selling it. Then make a note of the meadery name and tell them, then post it up here in the Commercial Mead Review section. That being said, I don't mean for you to be jerk about it if it's bad, or overly generous if its good, but it needs to be pointed out in a concise, specific, accurate and non-offensive manner. The format is pretty simple:Appearance - color, clarity, etcAroma - honey, floral, alcohol,...
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Humans have taken advantage of the metabolism in a tiny fungus called yeast to create beer and wine

Yeast Fermentation and the Making of Beer and Wine

By: Luisa Alba-Lois, Ph.D.  & Claudia Segal-Kischinevzky, M.Sc. (Facultad de Ciencias, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico) © 2010 Nature Education  Citation: Alba-Lois, L. & Segal-Kischinevzky, C. (2010) Beer & Wine Makers. Nature Education 3(9):17
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Hey, Honey

Hey, Honey Thanks to a swarm of innovators, there’s a new buzz surrounding mead. Story by Joshua M. BernsteinPhotos by Séan Alonzo Harris & Marvin Shaouni Imbibe Magazine Michael Fairbrother was never sweet on his career. As an engineer and later vice president and chief operating officer of software companies, the New Hampshire native’s day job was a drag. His heart lay in homebrewing, though he was hardly monogamous with barley. Since his introduction to cyser—a mead made with apple cider and honey—at a homebrew-club meeting in 1995, Fairbrother has been infatuated with making mead, one of mankind’s oldest alcoholic...
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