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From: ShipCompliant

Great news! The most widely used open-source website and eCommerce solution is now catering to a winery checkout process.

New wineries have to make lots of decisions when choosing how they are going to sell wine online. There are a lot of excellent products out there, but some of them can get expensive. We are pleased to announce the availability of a new, affordable, integration that enables wineries to compliantly sell their products using WordPress websites running WooCommerce.

The solution is an affordable $50/month plug-in, built by h2 Media Labs (h2). It allows wineries to incorporate wine-specific tax calculation and real-time compliance checks directly into their online checkout process. It also provides access to automated fulfillment and reporting on the back end.

This integration was a collaboration of several parties:


Jason Eckenroth, our CEO and founder stated “We are thrilled to collaborate with h2 to bring WordPress and WooCommerce to the wine industry as a viable option. Combining tax calculation, compliance, fulfillment, and reporting with low-cost, rapid site implementation creates a powerful sales and marketing tool, now accessible to all wineries.”

h2 Media Labs

After receiving requests from a handful of wineries to build custom compliance integrations with WordPress sites, h2 realized that building an integration using ShipCompliant’s APIs would increase winery adoption of WordPress & WooCommerce, and would allow h2 to efficiently reach thousands of wineries already on the ShipCompliant platform. “We are excited to work with companies like ShipCompliant, together we strive to build solutions that lower the barrier to entry for all businesses,” said Nicholas Hammond, h2 Media Labs CEO. “It’s collaborations like this that allow small business to thrive online without overwhelming monthly costs.”

Existing ShipCompliant Customers and Partners

Mike Weber, EVP at ONEHOPE Wine, a long-time ShipCompliant customer, sees new opportunities available with this integration.  “It allows us to use a simple, affordable, content-driven e-commerce system that meets our needs, as well as the ability to spin up landing pages or microsites for marketing flexibility.”

Innovative business models, such as Chatterbox Wine Marketing Services, are also taking advantage of the lightweight commerce options WooCommerce and ShipCompliant now offer. Ron Scharman, COO of Chatterbox, reports “the integration allows our wineries to add channels that immediately increase their sales, without compromising their compliance and reporting processes.”

Read the entire article and watch the demo video!


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Vicky Rowe

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