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Blueberry Melomel – Sweet – One year old

Color: Old sherry, rich red and brown tones, classic blueberry melomel colors. Nose has honey first, with a slight oxidation undertone running alongside the berry note. However, the oxidized note is much less noticeable in the taste, where a large berry flavor supported by strong honey notes buries the mouth in flavor. This mead has a large mouth feel. The finish is long and sweet, with lingering berry and honey, and the oxidation comes in very faintly.


Again, over a year old, and not perfectly cellared or transported (temp changes, etc.), the mead is still going strong, when many melomels would have given up. Very drinkable, and a nice complement to a savory middle eastern dish or sharp cheese. Chocolate would be nice with this too. I know it's pretty good with the popcorn tossed with peanut oil and freshly grated asiago cheese that I'm munching on now that I've finished this tasting! (Weird? Perhaps. I run this place, don't I?)

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