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GotMead Live is the culmination of years of you guys telling me we needed a new radio show, and the insistance of JD, then a very enthusiastic new meadmaker. At GotMead Live, just like on the website here, we’re all about mead. Making mead, finding mead, and drinking mead. The show will be broadcast live, so you can call in and be a part of the show. We’ll also be interviewing people in the mead industry, meadery owners, movers and shakers, and equipment and supplies folks, including beekeepers and honey providers.

Listen in! (NOTE: This player will be LIVE when we are on, and will show the most recent episode in between shows)

Your hosts:

  • Vicky Rowe – Founder and owner of I’ve been making mead since 1996, and have been hanging out with the folks in the industry almost as long. I make my home in North Carolina
  • A.J. Ermenc – long time Gotmead forum member (ChevetteGirl), experienced meadmaker, and our North of the Border contingent from Ottawa, Canada.
  • Hamish Lucas – Gotmead member kudapucat, experienced award winning mead maker, and our Australian correspondent, from Melbourne
  • Ryan Carlson – long time Gotmead member, the Denver contingent, and strong mead maker with a real bug for scientific mead making
  • Manny Elgarresta – Miami resident, Gotmead member, and meadmaker who loves experimenting with all sorts of stuff. He also has a truly EPIC garage mead making/drinking room

From time to time, when he can get away from work, we will have on with us Petar Bakulic (Oskaar on the forums). He is an experienced meadmaker and winemaker of over 30 years. He’ll talk mead, and answer questions from meadmakers. NEW!!! Our new series, AJ’s Making Good Mead: Back to Basics, starts on April 5, 2016. AJ will be taking you back to your meadmaking roots, and building good mead making techniques and tools from the ground up, to help create solid, repeatable mead making habits that will give you great mead all the time. Join us to talk mead!! We will be joined by other GotMeaders such as Mannye, Squatchy and other mead makers who have great info to bring in, so if you want to come play, let us know! Submit questions by clicking here.   

If you want to call in during the show, our call in number is 803-443-MEAD (6323) or skype me at meadwench (especially for international callers, but US callers too if you prefer). We want to hear from you! If you can’t call, then feel free to Tweet us on @gotmeadnow with your questions.

Follow the chatter on our Twitter feed Find us on the Facebook group, or in our forum. You can also join us live on our Slack space here.

Come hang out with us on Tuesdays at 9pm ET. Not sure of the time if you’re not in this zone? Check here:

***Want to listen later? No problem! You can playback below, download the mp3, or get it on iTunes. Check out the links in the sidebar.***

Listen live at Gotmead or Spreaker. Find archives on: SpreakerGotmead, Soundcloud, TuneIn, Stitcher and iTunes.

8-7-18 Sam Clikeman – Big Lost Meadery

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7-31-18 Kiley Gwynn – Mountain Rose Herbs – BJCP Judge

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7-24-18 Justin LeVaughn – Mead Analysis at Ethereal Brewing

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7-17-18 Alison Heath – Apothecary Mead, Sherwood Forest

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6-19-18 To Brew Lists, Mistakes We’ve Learned From | Fred Minnick – author of Mead: The Libations, Legends and Lore and speaker on Mead Cocktails

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6-12-18 Raphael Lyon – Enlightenment Wines – Making Natural (Wild) Meads

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6-5-18 Ryan’s Rants – Balancing Your Mead

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5-29-18 Billy Beltz – Lost Cause Meadery – Making Award Winning Meads and Starting an Award Winning Meadery

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5-22-18 Adam Thompson – Machination Meadworks – the path to going pro

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4-24-18 Luke Holcombe-Scott Labs

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