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Celestial MeadDBCLogo7-5-16 Today we’re talking with Mike Kiker, owner of Celestial Meads and Sassan Mossanen, general manger of Denali Brewing in Talkeetna, Alaska. This is a new thing, because Mike is selling Celestial Meads to Denali Brewing, and staying on as a mead-maester, to help them integrate the meads into their business, be an ambassador, and teach them how to make award-winning mead. There have been a lot of collaboration brews between meaderies and breweries, but so far as we know, this is the first time a meadery has been sold to a brewery. You won’t want to miss this episode!

On Back to Basics, we’re talking about backsweetening.  Join us at 9PM ET tonight!

Want to join the conversation, give us a call!! 803-443-MEAD (6323), or Skype us at meadwench (please friend me first and say you’re a listener, I get tons of Skype spam), or tweet to @gotmeadnow.

If you want us to tackle your mead making questions, you can send us a question and we’ll tackle it online!

Join us, 9PM Eastern Tuesday night!!

Bring your questions and your mead, and let’s talk mead! You can call us at 803-443-MEAD (6323), or Skype us at meadwench (please friend me first and say you’re a listener, I get tons of Skype spam), or tweet to @gotmeadnow.

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What we were drinking:

  • AJ –
  • Vicky –
  • Manny –
  • Mike –
  • Sassan –

Show links and notes:

Upcoming Events:

  • Starrlight Meadery
    • July 29th – International Tiger Day! In honor of that day, for the month of July we will be helping out our friends over at Carolina Tiger Rescue! For each tasting or glass of sangria that we sell during the month, we’ll donate $2 to the Tiger Rescue
    • July 22 – Mead and a Sunset Cruise – Friday, July 22 – Join us, and Captain Don from Triangle Boat Tours, for one of our favorite outings – mead tasting and a 2 hour sunset cruise on Jordan Lake.
  • Bos Meadery – multiple artistic events – check in on their calendar for movie nights, art displays and more!
    • June 29 – Rashamon – A riveting psychological thriller that investigates the nature of truth and the meaning of justice, Rashomon is widely considered onevcof the greatest films ever made.
    • July 9 – Daniel Mortensen – Daniel Mortensen has been playing guitar and harp for over 30 years to illustrious audiences such as His Dog and The Sofa.
    • July 14 – Cam and Ellie Kennedy – presentations of original songs and selected covers, and their sound is filled with great voices, acoustic guitars, and multiple layers.
    • July 15 – Matt Deblass – An evening of acoustic folk music performed with Celtic harp, voice, mandolin and other instruments.
  • Mace Meadworks at has live music every Saturday night at 250 East Main Street Dayton, Washington 99328
  • B.Nektar Events:
  • National Mead Day – Aug 6
  • Brothers Drake Meadery – ongoing concert events
  • California Master Beekeeping Course – Sept 11 and 18

Got an event you’d like us to mention on GotMead Live? Send us an email at and tell us about it!



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Vicky Rowe

Vicky Rowe has been active as a promoter and supporter of the mead industry since the mid-90's with, and is totally serious about seeing the mead industry take its rightful place as a popular craft beverage on the world recreational drinking stage.

She is also an experienced marketing coach and consultant who has recently decided to focus her marketing expertise exclusively on the craft beverage market to help meaderies, cideries, breweries and distilleries expand their business and get more customers while doing what they love.
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