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The basic process of how to make a Mead has now been covered, and you are probably asking yourself what the next step is.  The simple answer is to keep learning.  The GotMead forum has a wealth of information a large group of people who are more than happy to help.  It is also a very good idea to pick up a copy of Ken Schramm’s book, The Compleat Meadmaker.  Ken is an extremely experienced Mead maker, and his book is packed full of useful information, both historical and practical.

Finally, remember that practice makes perfect, so do not be disheartened if your first batch (or batches) are not exactly what you are looking for.  Keep trying, and use your imagination to create what you are looking for in a Mead.  If it does not work, you will most likely have created something pleasant to drink anyway, so no real loss.  And if you dream up some bizarre combination of ingredients that you are unsure whether they will work well together, remember Pete’s unofficial GotMead motto:

“Take a chance.  Custer did!”

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