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Mead Lover's Digest #76 Sat 23 January 1993

Forum for Discussion of Mead Brewing and Consuming
John Dilley, Digest Coordinator


meaderies (Brian O'Gorman)
Re: Meaderies (Chuck Cox)
Announcing FTP archive sites (John Dilley)

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Date: Fri, 22 Jan 1993 09:08:51 -0500 (EST) 
From: (Brian O'Gorman)
Subject: meaderies

There is small winery in Chatham, MA that makes a variety
of meads – King Alfred (this one is hopped), Pear, Peach,
and Wildflower. The name is Chatham Winery, 1291 Route 28,
Chatham, MA telephone (508) 945-0300. Geln Ellion( I think
this is tyhe right spelling) gives tours on regular basis.
He has also given a presentation to our local beekeeping
club about mead making.

Date: Fri, 22 Jan 93 8:36:12 EST 
From: (Chuck Cox)
Subject: Re: Meaderies

Stiv Stroud sez…
> There is a meaderie on Cape Cod in Mass. I don't know it's name off the top o
> my head, but their products are sold at the Boston Beer Works brewpub. They
> make several varieties, including a cranberry mead. Next time I'm over at the

> BBW I'll check out their name and address.

You are probably thinking of the Chatham Winery, they make plain and
fruit flavored meads. There are two other meaderies in Mass: Fallona
(wicked overpriced) & Nashoba Valley Winery (they make a nice Cyser).

Chuck Cox <>
Make: Don't know how to make sense. Stop.

Date: Fri, 22 Jan 93 08:47:20 -0800 
From: John Dilley <jad>
Subject: Announcing FTP archive sites

We now have a couple of mead-lovers digest archive sites, thanks

to Daniel Vachon and Stephen Hansen. Here is info about the sites:

  • Internet FTP site:, anon FTP, pub/mead/.
  • BBS site: Rocky Mountain MIDI Systems BBS, (303) 287-5274 (HST).


— jad —

End of Mead Lover's Digest

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