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Mead Lover's Digest #79 Thu 28 January 1993

Forum for Discussion of Mead Brewing and Consuming
John Dilley, Digest Coordinator


Fermented Milk (COYOTE)


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Date: 27 Jan 1993 10:54:00 -0600 (MDT) 
Subject: Fermented Milk

There was some discussion of fermented milk mead type beverages

in the past ( I don't remember the issue #'s).

I was curious to try a gallon of this.

Does anyone have a recipe for such a concoction?

I remember the variations included Milk w/lemon juice, sometimes

vodka was added to help stabilize/sterilize the milk.

Then honey was added- and of course our favorite microbe- yeast.

Questions: Could one use condensed milk which would already be

pasteurized? How about sweetened condensed milk- since we want sugars!

What ratio of milk-honey-lemon would I want?

Do I need to add the lemon to make the milk curd- and then scoop out

the curds?

And finally- what the hell does this mess taste like anyway, and is

it worth trying? For one gallon I'll try anything.

On another note- For 5 gallons I am planning a Pear/Apple- mead.

Tentative recipe:

10 lbs pears- juiced with a juicer. Pulp placed in a bag in primary.

(Q: Is it worth keeping the pulp around in the primary, or should

I just use the juice and toss the pulp?)

3 gallons of fresh cider. A good mix I've used recently for a cyser.

7 lbs of Honey. (am I over killing the sugar level with honey plus

all the fruit juice?)

Pectic enzyme, acid blend, yeast nutrient, and I'll bottle with some

cinnamon tea into at least part of it.

Wyeast Champagne yeast.

I am sort of basing this on a wine recipe for pear OR apple. I'm combining

the two fruit juices, and replacing the 10 # of sugar with honey. I'll be

acid testing it and adjusting accordingly. The honey will the pasteurized

with water, and the fruit juices will be treated with campden tablets.

Any comments, alternatives, or suggestions of any sort are very welcome.

I plan on juicing tonight (wed) with a little ascorbic acid to avoid

browning. Then I'll combine the pear juice with the cider, and sulfate it.

Next day I'll cook up the honey and get it all under way. I'd better get

my yeast started!

Thanx. Good luck to all. Fermentarium!

PS: I have a cranberry mead which is still plugging along, and I am about

ready to go ahead and bottle it up. I'm still trying to decide whether

it should sparkle or be still. There are two gallons. Hmmm, maybe I'll

just do both. Anyone have any good spice ideas for cranberries?

John (The Coyote) Wyllie.

"I don't cook, I just heat things"

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