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Mead Lover's Digest #93 Wed 10 March 1993

Forum for Discussion of Mead Brewing and Consuming
John Dilley, Digest Coordinator


What do you use to skim? (CPU-SPP generic account)

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Date: Tue, 9 Mar 93 06:46:53 CST
From: (CPU-SPP generic account)
Subject: What do you use to skim?

While we all talk about skimming the scum while heating the honey, what works
best to do so? I use the stirring spoon, but that is unsatisfactory. Most of
the foam slides right off again, and I have to swirl it again to try once more.
Do slotted spoons work better? strainers? aquarium fishnets? nylons?
What do you use that works well?
Thomas Manteufel IOFM

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