Lots of folks talking about mead in lots of places with lots of other people. Newsgroups you can find mead discussions on:

Mailing Lists which discuss mead:

  • The Mead Lover’s Digest – send mail to mead-request@talisman.com (including both your email address and your "real name" unless you’re sure your mailer will supply them)
  • Historic Brewing – send email to majordomo@pbm.com containing the words "subscribe hist-brewing" (or subscribe hist-brewing-digest, if you wish to get the digest.
  • Cider Digest – send mail to cider-request@talisman.com for subscribe/unsubscribe/admin requests. When subscribing, please include your name and a good address in the message body unless you’re sure your mailer generates them.
  • Mead List – Subscribe: Send email to: mead-subscribe@yahoogroups.com
  • WildWines– Our focus is on homemade wines that use garden grown or wild-foraged ingredients. To Subscribe, send email to: WildWines-subscribe@yahoogroups.com
  • Mead Makers – A place to share Mead making information – To Subscribe, send email to: meadmakers-subscribe@yahoogroups.com
  • Flagon and Cask – a group of brewers and vintnors, dedicated to the continued research into historical methods of producing imbibable alcohol and reproducing such spirits as are legal within our local area. We are associated with the SCA and afflilated with the Barony of Windmaster’s Hill, Kingdom of Atlantia. To subscribe, send mail to flagonandcask-subscribe@yahoogroups.com
  • The Meadery Mead is the oldest fermented beverage known to man and yet one of the least known. The purpose of this club is to change that!
  • Cuy Beer Mailing List Beer / Zymurgy / Mead / Home Brewing mailing list from cuy.net is a discussion group about brewing your own. This homebrewing mailing list has been around for over 7 years now. Please see http //www.cuy.net/beer for more details.
  • Home Brew After having looked for a good yahoo group on the topic of home brewing, I decided to fill the gap myself. This group will be geared towards home beer brewing, but posts concerning wine, mead, cider, and coffee are more than welcome. Please post pictures, anecdotes, recipes, FAQs, helpful advice, and ask and answer all sorts of questions. My hope is that the group will provide an wide range of support for home brewers. Tell your friends, lets get this groups off to a good start!!!
  • Camp Kylianra Hail & Merry met to ye all who enter our humble camp! Gather ’round the fyresyde, have a mug o’ mead & a strip of meat, warm thyself wyth friendshyp. Join the celidh & pass tales fro’ all the Kingdoms ’round! Post advice, questions, or just socialize & revel the nytes away. ‘Tis a fyre for bryngin’ all ye SCAdian travelers together to meet make merry. For our "dream" for this club, please see posts # 2 and 3. We welcome ye all to our virtual fyre )
  • The Mead Guild This is for MEMBERS of the Mead guild. If you’re not a member, then you need to BREW MORE!! Miruvórë! Miruvórë! Miruvórë!
  • EK Brewers Home brewers, mead makers, vinters and cordial makers in the East Kingdom of the Society for Creative Anachronism. A place to discuss brewing, research and documentation.
  • SCA Online Kingdom { TERRA INCOGNITA ESTO PERPETUA} Let it be known to all the Knowne World that, We the Kingdom of Granfalloon Do Claim all lands that tranzpire all the Airwaves of the Internet to our own. And Any member of the SCA or any Medeival society ,may seek its sollum shelter here and forever more And I (SULTAN, DRAKE VESPERTINE I, REX IMPERIALIS) am first ruler of such. We are here to Revel and have fun and to Live the dream as we see fit. Comeraderi and friendships abound and the rule is "Perfect love … more
  • SCA-Meridian-Brewers Brewing, vintning, and mead-making within the SCA Kingdom of Meridies, including documentation, technology and techniques, and SCA politics and policy affecting brewing.
  • Historic Brewers-Historic Brewing, in all of its forms
  • Brewstuff Homebrewing – Beer, wine, mead, soda, etc.
  • HomeBrew-Oz
    This is the HomeBrew-Oz Email List. It is intended as a resource for Australian Homebrewers to discuss absolutely anything relating to homebrew. Topics can range from recipes for brews (as long as there’s no copyright issues), hints and suggestions, pleas for help or just what you’re brewing at the moment. This list is not oriented to any particular kind of brewing, it’s open to discussion for beer, wine, mead, cider, hell, even alcoholic lemonade ;^)
  • BEER Erie BEER is Erie, PA’s premier homebrew, wine and mead-making club. We meet monthly and have a casual format. We are AHA-recognized, and often brew at club meetings and other events. For membership information, visit http //www.geocities.com/beererie, or send email to beererie@yahoo.com.
  • Mead and Wine The Newsgroup for the Tampa Bay Mead and Wine Makers Guild
  • Mazer A place for mazers (makers of mead) and those who are interested in mead, to discuss related topics. Come on in and post your questions, answers and recipes. It is particularly for those in Australia – to have an avenue to compare suppliers and conditions, but all who may have anything to say are welcome.
  • Mead Hall Welcome to Asgard’s Mead Hall. A place to discuss brewing mead, share recipes, or just share your admiration for this magical drink.
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