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michaelsaksIf you remember, few weeks ago I wrote an article about Brovarnia, where Michał Saks is working. He is also doing homemade mead and this year he won 2 awards at the Mazer Cup 2010 with his elder flowers mead.

If you don’t know, mead is a fermented alcohol based on honey. It can be of all sorts: still, carbonated, sparkling, sweet, dry, pale to dark… It is independently multicultural and can be regarded as the ancestor of all fermented drinks and the earliest archaeological evidence for the production of mead dates to around 7000 BC*.

I went to visit Michał Saks and wanted to see how he was making mead. Unfortunately it’s not the right time of the year to make mead. He prefers to wait for the freshest and tastiest honey around, like the early spring mix flower honey from Pomorze region. And obviously it’s worth the wait.

I still was able to take some photographs, ask some questions and even taste some mead. It was much less sweet than I expected and with a complexity in flavours that surprised me. It’s not too high in alcohol either which makes it more like a wine than a strong alcohol. Which is quite normal as it is fermented and not distilled.

Read Full Article: http://www.atable.pl/atableblog/2010/05/michal-saks-the-king-of-mead/?lang=en
Website: http://www.brovarnia.pl

Ed. Note: A check in 2015 did not show that they are currently offering a mead. But a great article anyway!

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