Honey mead and cider are joining the craft beer scene on King Street in Jacksonville, Florida. The Mazer, which will feature mead and cider made on premises, is expected to open in June at 1512 King St.

Ed Stansel, former co-author of the local paper, the Times-Union’s Amber Waves beer column and a longtime home brewer and fermenter with more than a few awards to his name, will be in charge of production. He is joined in the new venture by his wife Beth, and the owners of the Silver Cow, Regina and Whit Heffington. The mead/beer/cider pub will start off with beer, cider, mead and wine from other producers until The Mazer gets its federal and state winery licenses.

King Street is a hotspot for craft beer, and Ed says he’s looking to capitalize on that popularity. The in-house facility will be called East Florida Fermentology, and, in addition to meads and ciders, will have the capacity to produce fruit wines. The facility will open after the bar debuts.

Stansel has been planning to open his craft beverage company for years, and he and Beth had originally planned to open a standalone facility with taps. Over time, that idea grew and changed. A space opened up next to the Silver Cow, and the idea suddenly got real. The Stansels decided to partner with the Heffingtons, owners of the Silver Cow.

The space is cleared out, and the buildout is in the works, currently awaiting permits from the city. East Florida Fermentology has no plans to distribute right away, the plan is to operate as a nano-meadery and grow from there.

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For more information about this new venture, please visit: http://mazerjax.com/


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