author-feather-wineKeep up with the world of mead making with GotMead! Want to see something here? Drop me a line at and tell me what you’d like to see articles about!

GotMead is first and always about bringing you the best mead info out there, so tell us what you’d like to see, and who you’d like to hear from.

GotMead is looking for writers! Have a story you want to tell? An announcement about your meadery or a story you want to tell? An article that just *needs* writing? Let me know, and you could be an author on GotMead.

We are looking for articles about:

  • meadery openings, events and stories
  • personal mead making journeys (these can be multi-part articles)
  • mead discoveries
  • funny stories that feature mead
  • mead recipe creation (we especially like ‘accidental’ meads, that mead you never realized could happen, but it did)

So get us your story, either by sending it to us at, and we’ll ghost it for you, or if you have a bunch of stories in you and want to write them yourself, become an author on GM, and write your heart out!

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