Approx 2.7kg (6pound) of Wildflower honey

 3 sticks of cinnamon,

6 cloves,

1 small can apricot nectar,

pinch of ginger powder,

1 vanilla bean 

half kg of sugar (1 pound)

Approx 15 grams breadmakers yeast 


Cold water added to make up to 9 litres



Sanitised all equipment in sodium percarbonate  

Sat container of honey in hot water to make pouring easier

Made infusion of cinnamon, cloves, sugar, vanilla bean, apricot nectar and 1 litre of water and let slow boil for 20 mins

Mixed honey and half a litre of boiled water with power whisk till blended, added cinnamon/apricot infusion and cold water to approx 9 litres (2.37 gal) 

Will pitch yeast when temp has returned to normal  

SG 1148

Pitched yeast 24/2/08 was a bit slow to start but now happily bubbling away at a rate of 1 bubble per 30 secs


2/4/08 Racked out of fermenter into 10 litre demijohn, clearing very well, Still slowly bubbling away.

SG 1072

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