-5 pounds wildflower honey(dutch gold)

-5 pounds clover honey (dutch gold)

-2.5 gallons cider(wal-mart, pasteurized, not concentrate, only vitamin c added)

-4 sticks cinnamon (wal-mart)

-White labs irish ale yeast vial(no starter Surprised )

–Sept 14th —

-OG – 1.15

-77 degrees

–sept, 17th–

-finally!!!! the fermentation is in full swing, lots of foam, lots

-cant find sanitizer so im scared to check te egravity until i can find it….dont want to ruine things…..

–Sept, 21–

-gravity – 1.09

–Sept, 27__

-racked into another bucket, quiet a bit of extra space, hope it doesnt oxidize

-quiet a bit of junk floating around so it wasnt a very good racking but it helped a little, going to wait a few months b4 racking again so hopefully it all settles

-gravity was 1.07

-smells good, very strong alcohol smell tho

–oct 21–

-racked into 3 gallon carboy around the first of the month, very clear now, going to age until new years eve when all but a few bottles will be consumed in a few hours….

-added 3 sticks cinnamon and 5 cloves, now that i think of it im not really sure why……i blame it on the threads about the cinnful cyser lol…..


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