I am drinking this one now and its pretty good. the pithy flavor has backed way down and it tastes like honey and oranges now with almost no alcohol bite. it smells almost completely of honey. its been bottled for a while and is sitting in the closet. im really thinking about making this one again now. its funny that its such a simple recipe and its still getting better. if i make another one it will have more allspice and more cinnamon, but in the secondary, with better yeast and probably higher alcohol content.  

october, 1, 2006 


-17pounds orange blossom honey (ebeefolks.com)

-6 sweet naval oranges (only oranges wal-mart had left, ocean spray brand)

-6 whole cloves

-1.5 tsp. allspice, nutmeg (mcormic brand)

-6 cinnamon sticks (badia brand)

-white labs smeet mead yeast vial(made a starter with honey, water, and fermax)

-i meant to have 5 gallons(plus one gallon starter=6, so theres a little to much spices and such but no big deal i spose, next time ill have teh gravity adjusted before i add the extras) but didnt have quiet enough honey so i went about 4 then added the starter which of course made it 5

-started bubbling pretty vigorously within a few hours(every 2-4 seconds), smells great

-dont remember SG as i started drinking heavily right  after i pitched and didnt write it down Undecided

oct 21,

-fermentation is done, need to rack very soon

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