6.5 gallon batch

24 lb clover honey

Nutrients fed in step incriments (1/3 sugar breaks)

2 Cotes des Blances yeast (started with nutrients/clover honey 2 days earlier)

OG 1.15

Very high OG.  But, my wife and I really enjoy Honeywood Winery's Mead and Blackberry Mead which has a SG of 1.09 (straight from the bottle).  They appear to add white sugar to get the SG higher.  

3/1/09   SG 1.077   Racked to 5 gal carboy.  

To the 1 gallon left, I added 1/2 tsp mint extract.  initially seemed to minty.  

3/14/09 sample…yummy…Laughing 

4/18/09  sample…still yummy…

The mint is really tasting good.  mint has mellowed.  clearing.  (slow due to high SG?)




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