I happen to be very lucky in that my better half is almost as interested in brewing as I am.  One day she overheard me saying that I would like to try one of those nifty minitjet filter pumps.  Next birthday I got a big totally unexpected surprise! Laughing

I finally used the thing a few months later and really like the way it made my mead shine using the medium #2 filters. 

 I tried filtering my 1yr old Blackcherry Mead that was very clear (although due to me adding an additional 1lb of honey began bubbling again) using first the medium #2 and then the "sterile 0.5 micron" filters to see if I could "stop" the fermentation.   It came out an amazing crystal glass clear and totally stopped..for about 2 weeks or so.  Then it started to darken and began to bubble again as the yeast grew.

 My take on this is that I will have to stabilize first wait a few days and then filter.  The "sterile" filter will remove most of the beastys but not all of them.

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