In August 2005, I got together with GentlKnight and his Lady, and we put on a Mead Day seminar. It was small and cozy, and we made several meads. Mine was a Peach Melomel that has morphed into a much more complex brew than I originally planned.

 Here's the recipe:

– 4 US gal Abbots Peach Cider (Gaffney, SC)
– 1 US gal acacia honey, purchased in Onekama, MI
– 1 pkg Red Star Premier Cuvee Yeast
– 2 tsp yeast nutrient (hulls and nutrients)
– 6 cinnamon sticks

This was pitched on 8-6-05. It was pitched cold, with the honey being stirred into the room temperature peach cider. No water was added. No gravity measurements were taken, this was a seat-of-the-pants mead.

10-28-05 – Tasted, it had gone a bit dry. Added 1 qt honey-water (2 parts honey to 1 part water)

11-11-05 –  Racked off primary and tasted. The must had a good flavor, peachy and tart, with just a little cinnamon

5-13-06 – Tasted. Peach nose, deliate tart peach flavor, some fusal which should age out. Added another quart of honey water and racked again.

7-23-06 – Added 2.5 oz thin sliced ginger bagged in cotton cheesecloth because it occurs to me I love ginger-peach. Taste was smokey peach, slightly musty undertones. 

Vicky Rowe
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