I’m spending a week on ‘vacation’ (in quotes because I’m never really on vacation, just on the computer less than usual) in Montana, about 30 minutes outside Great Falls. John & I were able to use a couple frequent flyer tickets (the only good thing about him traveling for work so much) to come out here, and we’re staying at the home of friends who have a fantastic log home up in the foothills of the Highwoods Mountains.

 Mostly we’re lazing about, John and David going hunting, hanging in the hot tub, and venturing out for photo ops of the gorgeous countryside around here. However, yesterday we went mead-hunting.

I found, much to my joy, mead at the *drugstore* (I’m not in NC anymore!). I got a couple bottles of Sky River Mead, and purchased a bottle of their dry, and their sweet. We also found Painted Rocks Winery’s mead (their website isn’t up yet), and bought some Huckleberry mead (review here ), elderberry mead, dark mead and a straight ‘viking’ mead, as well as mead from Honeyrun Winery and some interesting-sounding country wines in Rhubarb and Cherry from Lolo Peaks Winery in Missoula, MT.

Today we trek to the Lewis & Clark Center to learn about their passage through this part of Montana, and we’re planning a trip to see a famous ‘buffalo jump’ where the Indians would run buffalo off the cliffs in hunts.

I will post more tasting notes here on the meads we’re test-driving while here…..more tomorrow….. 

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