Started last night, 5pm 9/22/06 

 1lb    Dutch Gold Orange Blossom Honey

9ea     Baby Bananas Turbana Colombia – Ripe

Fleischmann's Active Dry Yeast

To Fill – Acadia Spring Water (Stop & Shop bottled water)

1Gal Glass Carboy

Honey was poured into sanatized Carboy, heated water to get remainder of honey out of bottle. 

Bananas were peeled and mashed into a pulp, then spooned into carboy. I'm annoyed I didn't have a weight scale to tell their exact weight.

Water to fill, shook bottle to combine ingredients

used cheesecloth/rubberband to begin fermentation…. (more to come!)

Initial SG: 1.03 (seems low… wonder if banana somehow throwing it off….)

9-24-06 : Bubbling nicely, once every 4-6 seconds (oops, said minutes originally)… appearantly I filled it up too far, and it exploded off my rubberband/cheesecloth…. is sitting nicely now with a bubbler. 

9-30-06 : bubbling every 40 seconds or so… added nutrient and shook….

10-10-06 Refrigerated banana melomel to stop fermentation. Started a 2lb clover honey (local supplier) and 1L water starter with Cote de Blanc yeast to toss with the banana…. my hopes are that the cote de Blanc will overcome the bread yeast in the current banana batch.

Banana mead : 1.00
clover honey mead : 1.15



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