Oh my Gawd, Bragawd!


1.8 lb Wildflower Honey
1.5 lb Muntons Light DME
0.25 oz. Northernbrewer Hops (8.4 %) 30 minutes
0.25 oz. Willamette (4.9%) 30 minutes
0.5 oz. Willamette (4.9%) 2 minutes
0.5 tsp Yeast Nutrient
0.5 tsp Yeast Energizer
D47 Yeast

Boiled 1 gallon water and DME for 35 minutes, adding hops per schedule.  Rehydrated yeast.  Cooled wort to 75F, poured into jug, added honey, nutrient, energizer.  Aerated well.  Pitched yeast.  Airlocked.

OG – 1.101
IBU – 30
Acidity – approx. 4

Eruption, despite head room.  This is a violent fermenter, so be careful if making it.  Shook carefully until all gas had bubbled out, then shook well to provide oxygen.  Replaced airlock with blow-off tube.

Aerated well.  Added 1/4 tsp. yeast energizer.  Airlocked.
Racked.  Quite frankly, this tasted delicious already.