I started out as a "I am not gonna put any sulphites in my meads" kinda person and my meads have turned out like the Energizer Bunny.  They keep going and going and going and……sooo I am sort of leaning towards K-meta and K-sorbate since I have developed a taste for sweet meads.  My Blackcherry went so dry after a year it had no sweetness at all left.  When I sweetened it up with 1lb of honey the yeast woke up and said YUM lets get busy.

11/07/07 Well I used K-meta in each of my three meads to stop them and then a couple of days later I used K-sorbate.  When adding the K-meta my Pom and Pom/Blk Cherry meads just took the addition with no reaction what so ever just sat there.  The yeast in my Black Cherry however got really pissed off and tried to climb out of the carboy and come after me. 🙂  Fortunatly the foam subsided just as it began to rise over the top of the neck (the carboys not mine) so all was well.

 11/14/07 All three appear to be still however I am going to leave them in the secondarys for a little while to make sure they are not just trying to fool me.

11/20/07 After sterile filtering my Blackcherry melomel using a Buon Vino Minijet filter pump I tasted it and it was considerably less yeasty tasting.  I proceeded to filter the remaining two as well.

11/26/07  After sampling my Blackcherry once again it appears to be a little more yeasty tasting then before.  I hope its just me and that the little buggers are not going to restart again in spite of the K-meta and K-sorbate, AND filtering  grrrrr.

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