Make room for cider and mead.

In Maryland, cider was last popular in Colonial times. Mead never has been.

But a new generation of mead and cider makers, with their feet planted firmly in Maryland soil, are rethinking these age-old fermented beverages and introducing them to new audiences.

The meads from Orchid Cellar Winery in Middletown and the small-batch cider wines from Millstone Cellars in Monkton are showing up on the shelves of boutique wine and liquor stores. Bartenders are crafting them into cocktails at restaurants like Woodberry Kitchen and Bluegrass.

Andrzej Wilk Jr. of Orchid Cellar and Kyle Sherrer of Millstone are the new agers, inspired by and committed to the attitudes about methods and sourcing that have inspired a generation of farm-to-table chefs.

The respect is mutual.

“One of the reasons we’re so excited about Orchid Cellars and Millstone,” said Connor Rasmussen, head bartender at Woodberry, “is that their size and attention to locality and their commitment to this region yields products that are completely in line with our sourcing methodology at Woodberry.”

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Orchid Cellar Meadery & Winery

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