A Year in the Life of a Meadery Owner – Part 2

A Year in the Life of a Meadery Owner – Part 1

What I’ve learned in 2.5 months after opening my meadery.

We had around 125 visitors come in for a tour and tasting in October (our first full month of business). In November, we have had over 320 so far with still one more week to go. Final number for November projected to be over 375.

My plan for success was simply: make sure I offered something for everyone with a range of uniquely flavored meads of various sweetness levels. I also was a bit conservative with my starting lineup of meads as I knew that a majority of the people that would walk through my door would be mead “newbies”.

My starting lineup of five meads has proven to be the way to go at least in the starting up phase of Melovino. Wanted to make sure everyone saw what kind of range mead is capable of, that it is not all sweet just because it has honey, and to exemplify how different honey varietals can significantly impact what the final product of a mead will be, especially since most people think “honey is just honey”.

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