1-16-18 We’re continuing featuring some of the AMMA speakers in this run up to the AMMA Conference March 14-15 and the Mazer Cup International Mead Competition and Mead Mixer March 16-17.

Today we’re featuring Matt Weide, VP of the Minnesota Homebrewers Association. Matt is going to be presenting at the AMMA Conference on how to bochet honey. In his talk at the conference, he will discuss the methods of caramelizing honey for meads. The pros and cons for the different methods along with how it will change the end product. He will also cover how caramelizing honey can differ depending on the contents of the honey. How caramelizing honey will effect fermentation and the flavor components in the mead. He will end with thoughts on recipe formulation and tips and tricks to keep the brew day safe and problem free. Several different candied honey and bochet samples will be available for a sensory discussion during the presentation. (you really do want to go to this talk!!)

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that carmelizing honey, known as ‘bochet’ is the hottest (heh) trend out there in meadmaking right now. And there are many ways to do it, some better than others.

Matt is speaking on this very subject, even more in depth, at the AMMA Conference and Trade Show in Broomfield this March. So we’re getting a bit of a taste of what he’s going to dig into during his talk.

Then there is the consideration of what sort of honey is best, what temps are best, how dark is dark enough, and how to avoid that nasty burned flavor. (It’s sooo easy to burn it!)

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