The Maidmakers at AF1-19-21 Tonight at 9PM EST we’re getting together with Margot Phelps and the Maidmakers at Ancient Fire Cider and Mead in Manchester, NH.

The Maidmakers series began in Early 2020  and was the idea of the AF team which, with the exception of Jason, is made up entirely of strong, passionate and smart women. The idea was to get their team more involved in the process of making the products that they were serving in the taproom. The AF women came to work, and stayed to learn meadmaking and got involved in the process at the meadery.

The first release was “SHE-nanigans”  a key lime pie inspired draft mead which debuted on Valentine’s weekend. The release weekend turned into one of the busiest weekends in AF history and the women of AF were thrilled to be serving their product to happy customers SHE-nanigans has been produced a second time since its release and remains a customer favorite. In 2020 there were two additional MaidMakers releases: “Colada Love” a pineapple and toasted coconut draft mead and “Gingy’s Juice” a gingerbread inspired draft mead with cinnamon, allspice, ginger and avocado and buckwheat honey.  The next release will be in Q1 of 2021 “Am I Right” will be an amaretto inspired draft mead featuring hints of cherry and vanilla.

Ancient Fire Mead & Cider was founded in 2018 by Margot and Jason Phelps.The Phelps opened Ancient Fire after homebrewing Mead, Wine and beer for over 15 years. Ancient Fire produces Draft Style mead, Honey Wines and Ciders. Their products are available in the taproom, by the glass, pint and flight. Draft product is available to go in growers or bottles. Standard honey wines are available by the bottle. Ancient Fire is dedicated to creating an inclusive and welcoming environment in their taproom and we do significant work in their community to give back. Working with their team and AF family we have donated to The American Cancer Society, The NH Food Bank and other organizations. They are proud that during the challenging times of 2020 their charitable giving increased due to the generosity of their AF community.
Join us with the ladies this evening to chat about making mead, and their journeys as they learned about it.

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