1-28-20 Tonight at 9PM we are tickled to have on the show Laura Angotti, keynote at the 2020 MeadCon, and author of “Wellcome Mead: 105 Mead Recipes from the 17th and 18th Century English Receipt Books at the Wellcome Library” and “Cider and Perry in Britain to 1700: A Collection of Material from Primary and Selected Secondary Sources“. She is also the owner of the Mystery of Mead website, where she discusses mead in history.

Laura Angotti has been making mead for over 25 years, focusing on finding, understanding, and re-creating meads from historical recipes. She searches libraries and archives for recipes dated before 1750 CE, and has collected and cataloged over 2500. Laura has made and tasted over 100 of these recipes herself, and discussed and tasted the efforts of many others in specialty historical competitions. To better understand the recipes and their context, her research includes broader topics providing insights into the details of recipes used by mead makers long past. This research feeds her conviction of the interconnectivity of all things. Her goal is helping modern mead makers see and use the extensive experience of historical mead makers ranging across eras and geographies.

‘Wellcome Mead’ showcases the breadth and complexity of historical mead recipes, and presents 105 recipes and their varients, each with a modern recipe interpretation. All the recipes are drawn from the 17th and early 18th century English household receipt books held by the Wellcome Library in London.

Ingredients, equipment and methods used to produce the original recipes are detailed and discussed. Changes in mead recipes are addressed with reference to varied factors driving those changes. Each of the 100 plus ingredients present in the various plain meads, metheglinis, fruiit meads, spicied meads, herbed meads and braggots is discussed. The modern interpretations are suitable for both those interested in using history as inspiration for more modern efforts and those focused on historical re-creation. The book is intended for those familiar with basic mead making, so even beginners can make meads with this book.

Laura is a ton of fun to talk with, and we’re really stoked to talk historical mead with her tonight!

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