10-1-19 – Tonight we’re back in mead building mode again, and have Ryan back to talk about picking the yeast and honey and other ingredients to achieve specific flavor profiles. This is continuing from last week’s discussion.

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We all have the flavors and tastes we like, and it’s different for everyone. Too much for one is not enough for another. Yeast and honey contribute a fair amount to what you end up with, and what you start with may not be where your mead finishes, flavor-wise.

There are tons of ideas out there: fermenting temperatures, to stir or not to stir, what to add at what point in the fermentation, like fruit in primary or secondary, spices in primary or secondary, toss in spices whole/crushed, do them as tea, or as extracts or tisanes.

How long do you leave them in, and how to figure out what it will end up as?

We’re going to talk about what/when/why, and how you can get your mead to have the flavors you’d like it to end up with.

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