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7-14-17 So now that we have a good idea on how to employ modern science to make the best mead possible in very short order. I thought it might be a good time to explore how to massage our meads on the other end of the spectrum, once the science piece is finished, so they can become the best they can be. Almost never is a mead finished straight out of the fermentation process.

Anyone can read a recipe, but it takes more than that to coerce several parts of the equation into a something beyond good. Were talking about turning something from good, into great. It’s not something that comes quickly for most. But, never the less with some understanding of the different parts of the equation. And seeing how different pieces contribute to the whole. With a good bit of practice. And a little bit of luck. We can begin to understand how we can work towards having a balanced finished product. Where every part contributes to the whole experience.

So grab a paper and a pen and sit back as we explore what we can do, to hopefully end up with something more than good. Something truly magical.

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