11-20-18 We’re continuing our exploration of mead recipes and flavor profiles this week. We asked in the GotMead Group on Facebook and on the Gotmead Page for some flavor profiles that people would like to try to create. We’re going to spend tonight working on them, and seeing what we can come up with to help with creating recipes for those flavor profiles.

Get your Flavor Bibles out, and join us on the live chat as we explore creating particular flavor profiles in mead.

Some of the flavor concoctions that they have submitted are:

  • Matt Mead – Faygo Rock and Rye and chocolate peppermint
  • Jerry Hunziger – Pumpkin pie
  • Joe Abruzzo – negroni and aperal spritz
  • Roger Wanner – s’mores (without using the cookie and gluten free)
  • Dana Fikes – Arnold Palmer
  • John Smith – melomel, but bring in cocoa, nuts, toffee/caramel
  • Peter Nilsson – mead with complex port/sherry like character
  • Tony North – chocolate orange, jasmine tea, pecan pie, mango/chiles
  • Ann Sosbe – honey pecan
  • Theresa Cooley Meyer – Moscow Mule
  • Andrea Starr – Atholl Brose
  • Jason Finger – s’mores bochet, and curious about mahlab
  • Pierre Rodrigue – rosemary/tangerine, how best to treat orange and herbs
  • Stephen Rigsby – cherry cheesecake, key lime pie
  • Alexander Eckert – imperial russian stout
  • Susan VonderBecke – mexican chocolate (cocoa and ancho chile)
  • Corey Robinson – mojito
  • Joshua Willis – wanting to make a Mexico inspired mead
  • Janet Wiedemann – lemon meringue
  • Darryl Beck – campfire flapjacks – biscuit, smoked malt, maple butter
  • Jeremy Goehring – Peanut butter cup
  • Jeff Wanat – fruit punch
  • Aaron Paxson – cream soda
  • Kristeva Dowling – Cosmo mead
  • Alexis Daigneault –  Honeysuckle, citrus, peppermint, apple, blood orange, lavender (as separate flavors)
  • Scott Seitz – oatmeal raisin cookie

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