11-5-19 9PM EST Tonight we’re talking with Mike Faul, owner of Rabbit’s Foot Meadery in Sunnyvale, CA about several things. Mike has been in the mead industry for over 20 years, and has been a mead maker for much longer, having been involved in mead since the beginning of the resurgence of mead in the US.

Mike is not just owner of one of the largest meaderies in the country, he’s also an IT and automation geek, a student of honey in America, and an all-around pretty smart guy. And he’s been active as an SCA and Ren Faire person, as well as getting into other interesting activities.

Tonight we’re going to talk about many things. One, an issue central to the US (and indeed, the world) mead industry is peak honey. With the making of mead, by both home and professional meadmakers, the demand for honey is ever increasing. When will we hit the wall on the honey supply, since beekeeping isn’t increasing at the rate that use of honey is growing?

We’re also going to see what Mike’s been up to in Ireland. One might think that mead is all over in Ireland, but this isn’t so! There is, in fact, not all that much honey native to the Emerald Isle, and that has kept mead from returning to Ireland. However, Mike has managed to make a native Irish mead, with Irish honey, We’re going to hear more about that, and why he decided to open a meadery there.

And, Mike, being an IT and automation geek, has been hard at work making his Rabbit’s Foot Meadery as efficient as he can, so that he spends less time on the onerous parts of meakmaking and can devote more time to the creative aspects, and keeping up with what is going on with mead in the world. And spend more time with his family, while ensuring his meadery continues to grow and provide excellent mead to mead lovers.

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