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2-12-2019 Tonight at 9PM EST, we’re talking with long-time mead history buff Dan McFeeley. Dan has been on the Gotmead forums for almost as long as Gotmead has *had* a forum. He was a regular poster in the Mead Lovers Digest email list before Gotmead even existed, and you can find his posts in the MLD archives on Gotmead. He hasn’t been super active lately, life and parenting has kept him busy, but his interest in history, and mead history, is still keen.

Dan has written several articles (linked below) on mead and mead history over the years. Back when he was actively making mead, he won a number of medals (and there weren’t all that many comps then!) in the Indy International, the International Mead Festival (the predecessor to the Mazer Cup) and the AHA Midwest Regional.

Dan is going to talk with us about mead in history and legend. One of the discussions we’re planning on is an examination of the ‘honeymoon’ legend, often talked about. We’ll delve into mead in Africa and Europe, examine some of the sources used by Morse. We’ll delve into indigenous culture, bees and beekeeping, and explore the cultural attachments of honey and mead.

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