2-28-17 We are hitting the East Coast tonight, and doing a deep dive into Pyments.

Pyments are mead made with grapes as the fruit, and they are gaining in popularity as mead continues to grow. Making a great pyment, whether dry or sweet, takes a bit of doing, and choosing the honey and grapes (or juice) can be frustrating, finding the right combination to hit that ‘sweet’ spot.

We have two guests to talk about this, kind of a mini-panel. The first is Jason Phelps, owner of Ancient Fire Meadery in New Hampshire.

Jason is an award winning homebrewer and mead/cider maker from Londonderry, NH. Over the last 6 years alone he has racked up 48 medals for his meads, including wins in every BJCP category with the exception of having never actually entered mead into Dry Traditional or Historical. As a BJCP Certified Beer and Mead judge, Jason has the opportunity to taste hundreds of homemade meads annually which serves to keep him plugged into what is going on in mead as well as be inspired by the creativity of others. Jason has been a speaker at several WineMaker Magazine conferences as well as an author for WineMaker magazine, and regularly shares experience, process tips and sensory skills with home mead makers from all over the world.

Our other pyment master is Sergio Moutela, owner of Melovino Meadery in Vauxhall, NJ. Sergio is a generational wine and mead maker, and often pulls his inspirations from his parents and grandparents’ efforts before him. Sergio has become a notable award-winning mead maker who’s products have wowed even the most discerning and educated of palettes. His mead has been served at the James Beard House in NYC and has won multiple Gold medals in some of the biggest mead competitions in the world, both amateur and professional. He now owns and operates one of the fastest growing meaderies in the country.

Gonna be a hot one tonight! Join us!

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