American Mead Makers AssociationMarch 22, 2016 – In this episode we are doing something a little different. We’ve double trouble again, with both the AMMA and the Mazer Cup in attendance!

The Mazer Cup International was held this past weekend (and AJ and I couldn’t attend, whah!!), and before the largest mead-only competition in the world starts, the American Mead Makers Association holds it’s annual meeting.

This year marks a year of change for the AMMA, and a lot of things have been announced recently that make the AMMA a really good tool to have in your mead making toolkit, regardless of whether you’re a home or professional mead maker.

Tonight, we’ll be talking with Michael Fairbrother, owner of Moonlight Meadery, and Sergio Moutela, owner of Melovino Meadery, both board members for the AMMA, and they’ll be talking about all the cool new stuff the association offers, and what to expect as they go forward in 2016.

mazerAnd in our second half, we’ve the President of the Mazer Cup, Pete Bakulic, who many of you know as Oskaar. Pete is going to talk about Mazer Cup history, and what they’re wanting to accomplish in the mead world, as well as what they look for when judging meads, so if you’ve ever considered putting your meads into competition, you’ll want to give a listen. He may even give us a view of what they’d like to do going forward.

If you want to call in during the show, our call in number is 803-443-MEAD (6323) or skype me at meadwench (for international callers). We want to hear from you! If you can’t call, then feel free to Tweet us on @gotmeadnow with your questions and we’ll do our best to get them on the show.


Call in number: 803-443-MEAD (6323) or skype me at meadwench or tweet @gotmeadnow

What we were drinking:

  • Vicky – Hidden Legend Huckleberry Mead – a gift from Ken Schultz, owner (thanks for making my day!!)
  • AJ –

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