3-27-18 Whew, it’s been a busy few weeks! We return this week with something different, a cidery owner. Mead and cider go hand in hand, and there are many similarities. So, we’re talking with Chris Sheldon, owner of Diner Brewi Co, in New York state.

Chris first began trying his hand at brewing in 2008 while he was a junior at Boston College. He and his roommate were feeling unsatisfied with the beer made available to them in stores and at bars, so they sought out a beer-making kit to create their own.

The first product wasn’t what they’d hoped. But, after they had run out of ingredients, he took the kit and made his first batch of cider.

Fast forward nine years later, and Sheldon has his ciders on tap in 16 different retailers in New York. Chris said after realizing that cider making had begun taking over his life, he knew he had to turn it into a profession.

Join us to learn more about Chris’ journey and his ciders.

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