4-16-19 We’re bringing Steve Patik back to talk about braggots tonight. Braggots are very popular, and there are many ways to approach them. I’ve had stout-style braggots, and ale-style braggots, and everything in between, and there are a million ways to make them. Steve is a big fan of braggots, and has made many. We’re going to be talking about best practices for braggots, preferred yeasts, fermentation techniques and what potential problems can crop up when making them.

Steve Patik lives in Colorado with his wife and two daughters. He found a passion for Mead over a Thanksgiving table in 2012 and year later decided to try his hand at making this amazing beverage. For over 5 years, Steve has been making mead and doing so in some unconventional, yet successful, ways. Steve rarely has a mead that is older than six months and he has won awards for mead that was only 6 weeks old.  As a successful amateur Mead maker, Steve consistently shows his talent at competitions locally and nationally by taking a place or even a Best of Show once in a while.  The meads Steve enjoys making the most are traditionals and braggots. So, what is his secret? Steve believes in the marriage of best practices, modern techniques and top shelf ingredients.

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