4-17-18 Tonight our guest is Alex Gonzales, owner of Honeypot Meadery in Anaheim, CA, and one of the founders for the Southern California Mead Alliance and the Southern California Mead Club.

Alex has been all over the mead world in the last couple years, and launched Honeypot Meadery after doing custom crushes with Golden Coast Mead. They will be opening a tasting room this summer.

Alex is one of the founding members of the Southern California Mead Alliance (“SCMA”) and it’s current Director, helping to grow the mead community is
both a personal and professional goal of his. While working within the California mead making community, Alex also started the Southern California Mead Club (“SCMC”). The SCMC is the nation’s for regional mead club, sending variety packs of the best mead our locale has to offer every quarter.

The Southern California Mead Alliance is the trade group for all Southern California professional meaderies or meaderies in planning. As of April 2018 members include 8 production mead producers and 4 meaderies in planning, all located in LA, Orange, and San Diego counties. As a group we hold structured meetings every other month consisting of the reviews of recent events, guest speakers, and educational talks amongst other things. We work together on common language marketing, promote events together, group buy items to drive down pricing, and work to solve each other’s problems as a team.

The Southern California Mead Club is the nation’s first regional mead club. Every quarter SCMC club members receive shipments that contain an assortment of hand picked meads that reflect the best our region has to offer. Along with 2-4 bottles allocated in each box, members also receive swag from each of the meaderies included in the shipment. Currently there are 6 participating meaderies, with 1 more being added in April 2018. As more meaderies open in the region that bottle/can mead they will be added to future shipments that are sent out. More information about the club can be found at https://honeypotmeadery.com/so-cal-mead-club-details/

Alex has a lot to talk to us about, and the SoCal mead scene is jumping, so we’ll be digging into that, Alex’s mead, and what’s going on out there. Join us!

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