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4-2-19 Polish Meads! At the 2019 Mazer Cup International, Scot Schaar and Bob Slanzi were given Polish ‘passports’, to recognize their prowess in making Polish meads. Both make amazing Polish style meads, and many have had the chance to try them and say ‘hell yeah’. Making Polish style mead can be tricky, there are some rules around how the styles are made, and working with these sweeter meads is a bit of work. Making them well is a serious skill. If you’re making Polish style, or thinking about it, then definitely give us a listen tonight for insights! If you’d like to give it a try, you can get some tested recipes in Let There Be Melomels by Rob Ratliff. There are over 60 recipes, and 5 of them are Polish style, 3 of those medal winners. About Bobby and Scot: Scot and his wife Karen were watching a viking movie in about 2000, and they were drinking mead in the movie. Scot and Karen were intrigued, so they hunted down a commercial mead to try. They decided that it was pretty interesting, but thought they could make a better mead themselves. The result was raspberry mead on the ceiling, and they were hooked! Scot has been meadmaking since 2001?? He has multiple Mead BOS including MidWinter, Kansas City Biermeister’s comp, Domras Cup. Several Mazer Cup placings, multiple Mead Free or Die Placings, 2015 East Coast Mead Maker of the Year and 2017 AHA Mead Maker of the Year. Recipes scaled up by Prairie Rose Meadery and Moonlight Meadery. Past distiller at Mississippi River Distilling Company and current Head Brewer at Crawford Brew Works. Bob Slanzi has been keeping bees and making award winning eads for years He is very active in the homebrew and beekeeping communities, having held offices in both clubs in the past. he is the current president of the Home Governing Committee of the American Mead Makers Association, and very active in helping bring the word of mead to everyone. He is known for his meads, and isn’t afraid to try new flavors, like seaweed.      

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