4-24-18 we are yeast hunting today! Our guest is Luke Holcombe, with Scott Labs. Born and raised in California’s Central Valley, Luke grew up surrounded by wine grapes. This led him to pursue a degree at CalPoly, San Luis Obispo in Wine and Viticulture. Prior to joining Scott Laboratories, Luke was the Assistant Winemaker at McManis Family Vineyards in Ripon, California and Head Winemaker for Post Winery in Altus, Arkansas. He currently resides in Alma, Arkansas with his dog, Mr. Wilson.

Scott Laboratories Inc. (USA) and Scott Laboratories Ltd. (Canada) are privately held companies specializing in value added products for the North American wine, craft brewing and distilled spirits industries.

Their predecessor firm (the Berkeley Yeast Laboratory) was literally founded in the weeks prior to the end of Prohibition in 1933. The mission of the new company was to help customers produce better products for THEIR customers. Value added was a core principal then.  It remains a core value eight decades later.

Their first products were lab services and yeast. In the years that followed the needs of the industry customers led them first to cellar supplies, then to packaging and finally into processing and bottling equipment. It has been an 80 year evolution driven by the concept of adding value.

Our current product portfolios include some of the most famous names in the wine, craft brewing and spirits industries. In some cases we have our own proprietary products (such as Sparkolloid and Scottzymes) while in other cases we work with partner firms.

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