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4-3-18 Tonight we’re venturing into the world of mead data. Stephen Snudden is an avid home mead maker and BJCP certified beer and mead judge in Canada. Stephen is also a huge proponent of studies and data and because he was frustrated at the lack of formalized study of mead, he decided to design his own and founded the web site

This is an outlet for mead makers to share data observations through peer reviewed triangle test experiments and detailed BJCP evaluated recipes. The first experiment tested twelve yeast strains in traditional short meads. The meads were evaluated using triangle tests by experienced home brewers and BJCP certified judges in home brewers clubs across Canada. The second experiment involved testing the use of acid additions in short meads. The triangle tests for the second experiment were conducted with BJCP judges at Brewslam, Canada’s largest home brew competition. He has written about and has upcoming experiments on Go-ferm off flavors, priming methods, and water profiles. His hope is to encourage others to conduct triangle test experiments and make their data available through experimeads and other outlets.

We think this is pretty fascinating stuff, and figure you will too. Join us on the Slack group (link for chat room below) and listen live here!

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