Boneflower Craft Mead owners Aaron Schavey and Geoff Allen5-12-20 Tonight at 9PM ET, we’ll be talking with Aaron Schavey and Geoff Allen, owners of Boneflower Craft Mead in ‘the Region’ in northwest Indiana.

Aaron and Geoff have been making waves with their mead for a few years now, and formalized their mead making by opening Boneflower in 2018.

Geoff and Aaron are a couple of guys and a hobby that turned serious…sort of. After years of participating in the craft beverage scene, an introduction to Mead started them in an entirely new direction.

Unfortunately, the lack of easy accessibility in their area to the best drink around left them feeling left out. So, they desired to fix that and to figure out just how to make it. Several batches later, and with encouragement from friends and enthusiasts, what started as a hobby has turned into an entrepreneurial endeavor. It is a similar story to that of so many before them. They hope that even if they are half as successful as so many other meaderies, they’ll be able to provide the community with another avenue to procure this hard to find, incredibly fascinating beverage!

Geoff and Aaron have been working together in some fashion for 10 years in the environmental side of big industry. They spent years traveling the country together climbing smokestacks and testing emissions output of big factories, power plants, oil refineries and such. It was just a few years ago they decided to take their small batch home mead making hobby and turn It into an actual licensed and functional meadery. In 2018 they launched an Indiegogo campaign online that reached a staggering $110K in 12 hours. They wended their way through state and federal requirements of getting licensed so they could bring that mead to market, while perfecting their meads.

Boneflower is not yet available to buy direct or in shops, they are still a member/mead club meadery. Right now they have just shy of 300 members but they are looking to nearly double that for 2021.

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