5-19-20 Tonight at 9PM ET, we’ll be talking with Tom Repas, Master Beekeeper and owner of Canyon Rim Honey Bees, providing bees and honey in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Tom speaks on beekeeping all over the country, and has presented several times at the AMMA MeadCon on both beekeeping and meadmaking. Tom has won a large number of awards for his mead as well.

Tom is a 4th generation beekeeper, and has been working with bees since he was a kid. He kept bees and sold the honey for extra money in high school. He went into professional beekeeping while he was still active as a medical doctor, and has developed a cross for bees that are gentle, overwinter well, and are mite resistant.

Tom was trained in how to perform instrumental insemination of queen bees (from Dr Kaftanoglu at Arizona State University). Now they will have more control over the genetics of their breeder queens as well as the opportunity of collecting the semen from the drones of feral survivor colonies to use for insemination of their virgin queens.

On the mead side of things, Tom is a very talented mead maker who consistently wins medals with his meads, and has a skill for thinking outside the box for flavor profiles. His mushroom mead was the talk of the mead community for some time when he brought it out to taste. I got to try it, I was stunned at how good it was. Of course, Tom uses his own honey, as well as honeys from other providers and areas, and they’re all good!

We’ll talk bees, hive management, meadmaking and honey tonight.

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