haymaker5-31-16 – Hey, looky here, I’m 4 hours earlier than last week!! LOL. We had a long meeting yesterday to lay out a lot of the rest of this series, so hopefully I’ll get the next one up faster!! Check the main show page, I’ll be putting up lists of upcoming stuff!

This week, we have Adam Crockett, owner of Haymaker Meadery in Montgomeryville, PA. Haymaker creates ‘modern mead with a folk flair’. They are out there working to change the face of mead, and bring a ‘new view’ to the mead world. We’re really interested to see what they’re going to do!

On Making Mead-Back to Basics, AJ, Manny and Ryan will be talking about the fermentation process. So fermentation, from pitch to bottle, and all the steps in between. If you’re still working on nailing down the perfect ferment, then tune in for this show.  Call in and join us!! Our number is 803-443-MEAD (6323), I’ll be watching for your call!!

If you want them to tackle your mead making stuff, you can send us a question and we’ll tackle it online!

Join us, 9PM Eastern tonight!!

Bring your questions and your mead, and let’s talk mead! You can call us at 803-443-MEAD (6323), or Skype us at meadwench (please friend me first and say you’re a listener, I get tons of Skype spam), or tweet to @gotmeadnow.

This player will show the most recent show, and when we’re live, will play the live feed. If you are calling in, please turn off the player sound, so we don’t get feedback.

What we were drinking:

  • AJ – Chateau Chevette Maple Mead of undetermined age
  • Vicky – Haymaker Meadery Calypso Honey Pineapple Mead
  • Adam –
  • Manny – Finished his horn of mead a couple hours ago

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