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6-12-18 Tonight we’re hanging out with Raphael Lyon, owner of Enlightenment Wines in Brooklyn, NY.

Enlightenment Wines started out as a small part time farm winery in 2009 by Raphael Lyon. In 2015 Lyon reached out to Anthony Rock and Arley Marks with the intent to join forces and grow Enlightenment Wines into a full scale production meadery with a tasting room and cocktail bar in Brooklyn New York.

Enlightenment is a little different from many meaderies, in that they are heavily focused on ‘natural’ or ‘wild’ meadmaking. They work with wild yeasts, unfiltered honey, and local herbs to create unique meads that Arley also mixes into signature cocktails that he has developed and serves at Enlightenment’s bar, ‘Honeys’. Their honey is diluted with well water and combined with various botanicals, fruit or fruit juices that are available locally and seasonally, and then fermented in wood barrels until there are no sugars remaining. In some cases they ferment in stainless steel or glass. They primarily use wild yeast that already exists on the fruits and in their honey.

The wild, or ‘natural’ wine/mead making movement has been gaining popularity lately, and you can read more about it in this article.

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