6-4-19 Tonight on GotMead Live at 9PM EST we’re talking with Brian Galbreath, owner of Unpossible Meadery in Dwight, IL. Brian started fermenting ciders and then mead in 2013. Since then he has focused on traditionals as a homebrewer on Pete Bakulic’s advice. [break]Brian took a Mazer Cup win with his Montmorency Barrel Aged Mead, where he won the 2016 Home Mead Competition in the experimental mead category. At Unpossible Mead, Brian is focusing on session meads, tart and wild fermented meads, and is gearing up a barrel program. The tasting room in Dwight has an industrial theme with exposed piping and rustic light fixtures, including a clever usage of discarded electrical equipment like electric meters. Unpossible Mead has 4 meads in bottles and several more in kegs sold around Central & Northern Illinois. [break]We’ll be finding out what Brian is up to with Unpossible, and also talking about what he’s learned about meadmaking in the last 7 years since he got started.
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