7-2-19 Tonight at 7PM EST, we’re doing a live, ON LOCATION broadcast of GotMead Live from B. Nektar Meadery in Ferndale, MI. Our guests will be Kerri Dalhofer, co-owner,  and Miranda Johnson, Marketing Director/Event Magician/Ambassador of Buzz.

We’re celebrating the release of the first collaboration with GotMead, Cherry Pi (with crust)! This mead is based on Vicky’s grandma’s cherry pie recipe, her favorite pie as a child, and one made with Michigan cherries that Vicky would pick herself as she worked in the orchards in her first job. We will be talking about B. Nektar’s meads, and what they’re up to, how they get their recipe ideas, and where they’re going next.

For those who don’t know the story, B. Nektar, currently one of the largest meaderies in the US, was started in 2006, originally as a ‘part time’ meadery, while Brad and Kerri worked their day jobs. However, a series of unfortunate job cutbacks resulted in both of them being laid off, and they found themselves going full time right out of the gate. Obviously, they had a great plan with the meadery, because since the start in 2006, B. Nektar has risen to the top of US meadery production, and continues to make great mead cider and beer.

Kerri owns B. Nektar with Brad, and is the creative soul of B. Nektar, the brains behind the design and creation of all their labels and product names. That creativity has made B. Nektar labels instantly recognizable.

Miranda originally came from the music industry as a freelance publicist and applied to become some supporting feature on the administrative side for B. Nektar in Feb of 2015, and got hired essentially as Brad’s assistant. She kept on taking on whatever she needed to at B. Nektar, and ended up being the Ambassador of Buzz at the meadery, and handles sales and production things, their social media platform, PR, taproom, and the Spring and Summer Mead fetivals, she’s a Jill of all trades. And yes, she’s even cleaned the bathrooms (just like meadery owners have to mop the floors). Join us and hang out!

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If you want to ask your mead making questions,  send us a question via email, or via Twitter @GotmeadNow and we’ll tackle it online! 7PM EDT/4PM PDT Join us on live chat during the show Bring your questions and your mead, and let’s talk mead!

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