8-31-21 Tonight we’re doing a pre-recorded session with Tom Gosnell, owner of Gosnell’s of London.

Tom got interested in meadmaking in 2013 after a visit to the US and going to Maine Meadworks. He liked it so much, he decided to try meadmaking at home. After three years of increasing meadmaking in his kitchen, he decided it was time to go commercial, and took the plunge.

Tom got hooked up with a commercial brewery in London, and when it closed down, they decided to get their own space. Tom is really fond of Spanish orange blossom honey, which is quite nice. They have it blended with some other European honeys to get a custom blend that they use in many of their meads. they make session/hydromel strength meads, and carbonate them.

They launched their can line in August 2019 and their customer base really loved it. Their meads run from a hibiscus session to a complex sour mead. Gosnell’s uses flash pasteurization to stabilize their meads, and Tom has done a lot of research into this, and is a big fan of pasteurization for meads. 

Gosnells is very export focused, sending a lot to southeast Asia, Hong Kong, Singapore and is in 24 US states, and the US market is growing for them. You can find them in the US in Total Wine and More stores.

During COVID Gosnell’s pivoted to an online model, like many meaderies around the world. But they saw a 20 times spike in sales in the UK when they did this. This led to other ideas to keep customers interested, like an online tasting product with Instagram Live sessions to let people try the mead in a virtual tasting. He’s even doing corporate tastings for companies to do virtual gatherings with their employees

Once things opened back up, Tom partnered with London breweries Anspach and Hobday in their taproom space and gardens. And now they’ve a full space for their weekend gardens events.

Come listen to Tom!

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