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9-11-18 Today we’re getting together with Thomas Hubbe, co-owner of Bee Seasonal, a purveyor of Brazilian Honey.

Thomas and Larissa founded Bee Seasonal because they love honey. Larissa noticed that in Europe, they routinely stock seasonal honeys from around the world, but in the US, not so much. So she and Thomas set out to rectify this.

Their mission is to source organic honeys from beekeepers devoted to their bees, their communities and the land. They want to generate transparency by connecting consumers to producers, educating people about sustainable farming practices and the places where the honeys come from.

They are sourcing and packing and distributing several Brazilian honeys that are sustainably sourced, and minimally processed. They are very tasty honeys, Bee Seasonal had a table at the 2018 MeadCon, and did tastings of all their honey, it’s very good, and has exotic flavors you don’t often see here in the US.

We will also have with us Tom Repas, who is an award winning meadmaker (multiple perfect scores at the Mazer Cup) , a nationally recognized beekeeper and teacher, and an accomplished farmer. Tom will be our guest host this evening, as our resident honey expert, and because hey, honey, right? (And we just like Tom a lot).

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