9-15-20 Tonight on Gotmead Live at 9PM ET, we’re off to Florida to talk with some Sunshine State meadmakers. We have Brian Wing, co-owner/founder at Green Bench Mead & Cider, Cody Lenz, who is working on opening his own meadery, Three Hands Mead Company, and Joe Leigh, currently working on opening Zymarium Meadery. The Florida mead scene is hopping!

Joe Leigh got addicted to mead back in 2014 after Schramms Black Agnes was opened at a rare beer share…that quickly turned into spending the next few years trading for all the “best” meads. He finally made his first real mead in the summer of 2017 and fell in love with the science of it. A year later he started entering competitions and won enough medals that he made the 2018 AMMA Top 10 Mead Makers list. He continued the momentum by becoming a certified BJCP Mead Judge, bringing home 3 Mazer Cups, and making the AMMA Top 10 Mead Makers list again in 2019! The beginning of 2020 was filled with visiting his favorite meaderies before everything got shut down, though this did lead to UC Davis Mead 201 going online, allowing him to take it!

He currently spends all his free time making mead and working on opening Zymarium Meadery, in Orlando FL.

An avid home brewing competitor since 2010, Brian Wing has won numerous awards such as a gold medal in the Masters Championship of Amateur Brewing in 2011, Best in Show Mead & Cider in 2013’s Best Florida Beer Championship, and a share of the title of Best Florida Homebrewer for 2014. Transitioning to the professional scene, Brian split his time between brewing beer for Tampa Bay Brewing Company in Ybor City and making mead and cider for Southern Brewing and Winemaking in Tampa; where he won several professional awards for his recipes and where he worked with (and consumed many bottles of French Cider with) Green Bench Head Brewer/Co-Owner, Khris Johnson. Brian brings respect for the classic cider and mead making traditions, along with a desire to experiment with fresh local ingredients and new methods to create a novel take on mankind’s oldest beverages.

Cody Lenz has been making mead for about 7 years now. He started with the ever so famous JAOM (Joe’s Ancient Orange Mead). He expanded his mead making skills by taking mead making classes led by Jared Gilbert at Cigar City Cider & Mead, which eventually led to a part time job there helping out with production and teaching the classes that helped him learn. This was instrumental in his mead making development, having a resource like Jared at his disposal played an important role in improving his meads. He’s also been a part of the Tampa Bay Area Mead Makers group since it’s inception almost 3 years ago, being surrounded by a talented group of mead makers, and having quarterly competitions, has also helped him continue to push the quality of his meads.

Late last year Cody and his wife decided to take this hobby and make a job out of it. They found a space in Plant City, FL located in the historic downtown district and are currently working on the buildout for the tasting room and production facility for Three Hands Mead Company. They had grand plans to be open before the summer, but COVID hit and now they’re hoping to be open before the end of the year.

We’ll talk mead, meadmaking in Florida and the travails of opening a mead business in ‘normal’ times and during COVID.

Come on in and have a listen!

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